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The best gallery of Country style kitchens 2014 and choosing country style kitchens with French and English country style kitchens, the best country style kitchens designs ideas, The best kitchens in country style and English, French models

The country style is one of favorite styles in our houses so i provided Country style living room 2014 and Top 10 bedroom in country style but there are one of important topic for who love country style in the houses, it 10 Tips for country style home decor,

Today i write about other part in our houses, that is The kitchens in country style and i show you many of the best country style kitchens designs, ideas 2014 and choosing country style kitchens.

Country style is to use only natural materials. This style creates a cozy and homely atmosphere embodies simplicity, because it's also called "the village." But this does not mean that the country can create a style only in a country house, it will be a great option for a city apartment. Country style is quite different in different countries, because it shows the life of a given region, and combines them using natural materials for decoration and color.

English country style kitchens
Model English Mood kitchen . Choosing country style kitchens, keep in mind that furniture should be made ​​of natural wood. Actual will lay on the floor floorboard, which is ideal ottsiklevat and lacquered. As an exception, you can use floor tiles muted shades, but not glossy. Good complement interior homespun rugs, massive buffets, where it will look fine pottery, copper pots, a samovar, and you can hang a wooden ladle, which adds flavor. one of stylish country kitchens 2014

a model from the factory ALNORANCH Alno. Choosing a country style kitchens, you will gain practical and original space in the house. For country style kitchen is very convenient not only for the owners but also for the guests, because this style involves a creative mess. He is deprived of pomposity, but it has shades of sophistication and elegance that you can emphasize handicrafts. Quite organically country kitchen will look wicker basket filled with vegetables or flowers and charm will add elements of decoration in the form of cute trinkets and items of village life. country style kitchens

country style kitchens with white cabinets unique designs
Rialto 1 model from the factory Castagna Cucine. Kitchen, decorated in country style kitchens , will be a real discovery for those who want to have a unique interior with antique. But we should remember that this style requires a lot of space, because the furniture from a rather extensive and look bulky to be comfortable in a small room. In order not to lose a sense of harmony to the interior color palette should be chosen so that it is combined with the texture and natural wood shades. Typically, a country style kitchena using dull shades of natural colors. Adding bright accents can make the kitchen more personality or national colors, stylized under an English country kitchens or Swiss chalet that will be bright and unusual that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Model DANIELA from factory Cesar. country style kitchens, you have to remember that the interior does not have to be monotonous and boring. Also, this style does not accept trim elements in brushed aluminum, glass and glossy surfaces. To give a more expressive interior designers recommend to fill the interior of an abundance of colors, patterns and finishes of materials of different textures. Also important will be an abundance of small and cute knickknacks, because they fill the kitchen special atmosphere of warmth and coziness. And it should not abandon the abundance of home appliances, but it is necessary to choose a dark color or copper, if not possible, then its a good idea to decorate napkins or woven macrame. it's one of unique country style kitchens .

Model 1 from the factory Citerna Del Tongo, design CRS Del Tongo. Kitchen in country style - this area, which is comfortable and quiet, where you can experience a complete harmony not only with themselves but also with the surrounding reality. She will have to talks, and the surrounding aura will not inflame kindle strife and misunderstanding and disagreement. country style kitchens 2014

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Italian country style kitchens in white
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French country style kitchens
English country style kitchens

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