Friday, October 19, 2012

The occasion of the fall season, you new ideas and beautiful for your home decor outstanding autumn colors: yellow, orange, brown and green. And how coordination between these colors and accessories and home decor in general. Try to implement these ideas and get the stylish decor distinctive touch of autumn color.

Home decor in autumn colors

Yellow color italic to gold:

Yellow color of the most associated with the separation of the autumn colors. There him many degrees, but when selecting a color for decoration; choose tilted to the golden matte color of the walls. Parquet floor and choose a light wood color, and also chose the color yellow curtains and lighting units. As for accessories, you can choose bright colors such as red even break the unity of the color yellow. Chosen for color flower pots, wall panels and you'll get wonderful decor is full of warmth and elegance.

yellow italic to gold

- Orange degrees

1 - orange quiet

Lends a touch of orange color beautiful and glamorous decor in general, choose a light orange color as the background color one side of the living room with the introduction of beige and light brown with the colors of the furniture. The presence of all three together makes a stylish appearance as they are consistent with each other is very large. Choose a milky flower pots and light beige for other accessories. For more sense of the atmosphere of autumn; choose a medium-sized mirror to suspend work on the wall with colored wood frame in the form of  leaves and then hang it up the decor of the room is complete.

calm orange color

 2 - bright orange color

Need this degree of orange to some daring when selected. Only analysis bolder and choose color seats your trip in the dining room. Choose dark brown wood seats until he cools down a little orange, white and choose all the walls of the room. Here's a new idea for choosing colors curtains, make it consists of two layers of cloth, first in orange and the second layer of Chiffon any type degree of brown will you get a very neat appearance in the form of curtains If try this way. To add a touch of nature, choose the color of natural wood room Window frames As for the lighting units choose also brown or any degree of degrees - as you want .

Bright orange color

Dark brown

1 - brown for the bedroom

Gives brown color logs a sense of the general atmosphere of autumn. choose to one aspect of your bedroom with a choice of light beige color (cream) to the other side of the room. Choose parquet floor a natural wood color, and a bed you can do background wooden background the same color as the wall - dark brown -. And you can make a variety of degrees of brown colors - choose light or dark - when choosing furniture, curtains for choose pale beige textured brown. The suit largely brown with dark brown; You can choose the color of the windows, ceiling, lighting units and coverlets.

brown color to bedroom

2 - brown for the living room

This time choose a dark brown color as the primary color for all walls of the room and not just one aspect of it. But you have to realize that this idea needs to a large area to implement them so as not to feel shortness of more space was tight. Then choose a basic color white as the color of the room furniture, curtains and lighting units. Go in orange with the rest of the colors even lends a sort of cheerful decor, it is also in line with the brown and white significantly.Choose color for small tables, antiques and accessories, seats and cushions also enter it with white curtains

brown color to living room

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