Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Beast:
Acura 2+1 is one of the most revolutionary future cars in terms of the way it is envisioned and the features that it would sport. Unlike many concept car designs, the beauty of Acura does not just lie in its outer shell. Designed by Leon Paz, the car has a lot more to it than the flowing design and the aerodynamic roof. It is loaded with cool eco-friendly features that make it perfect for the tomorrow’s green world.


The Machine:

Acura gets it spot on with its cool V6 engine being displayed in a transparent hood at the front. The car sports a cool and hip trend that is catching on in terms of hood windows. Its transparent roof comes with a coating of transparent solar panels that capture solar energy and provide the extra oomph for the car when needed. The engine is inaccessible to the consumer and the car is provided with an annual service system that revamps it each year with latest biofuel and organic upholstery for the interiors. The 2+1 seating offers both space and a styling option for the Acura

The Thrill:

This is one of the best and most practical designs of a concept car that has come about in a long time. Many of the features and idea stated by Leon might make their way into future automobile designs as the entire industry on wheels is trying hard to turn green.

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